Split with Eight Million Kami

by Betterment

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released September 12, 2013

Guitar: Cameron Harrison
Bass: Kyle Weidner
Drums: Michael Everett

Recorded at Kitty Shack during the Summer of 2013 by Cameron.

Eight Million Kami:
Joey Cannata-Guitar/Vocals 
Ronn Gitschier- Bass 
J. Michael Everett- Drums 

Recorded at Kitty Shack by Ronn in June. Mixed and Mastered By Ronn and David Chamberlain



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Betterment Sarasota, Florida

betterment was a three piece emo band from 2010-2015. they were from sarasota, florida.

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Track Name: I Wish We Weren't So Far From Home
Walking around late at night and long phone calls and Streetlight remind me of you and living near you. Thunder storms and watching the Office with you. Breakfast before work and coffee. I miss you more than anyone would ever know. I try not to let it show and lately, Tallahassee seems to be the only place I wanna go. I wish we weren't so far from home.
Track Name: Nothing Could Make Me Whole Like the Sea
I wanna go to the beach and hang out in the sea until the waves awaken me to see that there's no way that I could ever live happily. I don't know how I could ever truly be happy. I don't find satisfaction in anything and I can barely see that there's a light inside of me.
Track Name: How I Thought It Would Be
Maybe if something in life was satisfying I wouldn't always feel like dying. Nothing is ever interesting or how I thought it would be. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm always waking up under the weather. I don't wanna feel this way. Fuck.
Track Name: Eight Million Kami - Nami
You cling to the past tense like roots grown deep beneath the soil. I try to hide my feelings like a lunar eclipse, but they slip through, all the time. Because you shine so brightly i can scarcely stand to look away.
Track Name: Eight Million Kami - Boa Hancock
If witnessing your radiance would be enough to burn my eyes, I'd gladly go blind for a chance to see you smile.
Track Name: Eight Million Kami - Nefertari Vivi
"I have no more time. I can prolong the experiment no longer. That man has engulfed me in his madness. Please, share your wisdom with me."
"Will you speak to me with an immaculate soul?"
"Yes, I will. I'll strip bare this fragile armor that I wear. The injury to my legs... is a lie. Just a crutch for a vulgar body. Grant me some reward! Even now, I'm on the verge of collapse. Azami-Sama..."
"Your cry of rebirth has reached me. We will be forever linked. Bear this with me for a little while longer. Small buds far to the east, watered with tears, will blossom into beautiful flowers."
Track Name: Eight Million Kami - Nico Robin​
Spirit friend you are to me, our levels split equally. Though we are many miles apart, our souls walk the same path.