Really Mean Songs

by Betterment

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released January 22, 2013

Guitar/singing/recording - Cameron
Drums - Michael
Bass/drums on We Die In My Dreams - Kyle
thanks to Friendship America for helping out with group vocals!



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Betterment Sarasota, Florida

betterment was a three piece emo band from 2010-2015. they were from sarasota, florida.

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Track Name: Jenga
I can't help but think that you're kind of dumb when we're holding hands and you start spouting off some shit about how "god" created the world. I don't know what you see in me, I'm just a nihilistic fuck pursuing an art degree. I'm not singing country songs or smoking out of gravity bongs. I'm not obsessed with cats. I've never taken a swat. I'm scared to show you my songs cause you'll think I'm a wreck, but if we're being real, we both know that I am.
Track Name: We Die In My Dreams
I think that if I saw Owen with you I might have fucking died. At that time, I could barely sleep at night without being haunted by dreams of you where I told you that I love you. The first that I can recall is where we were in a crowded elevator, a thousand miles high. I could see the world staring back in your eyes and then we fucking died. The last thing that I said before we crashed into the ground was that I loved you. The only thing that seemed to matter was that we were in each others' arms again. For three weeks, I had that same dream and it always ends the same. The only thing that kills me more that you die with me.
Track Name: Feel New
I wish every hour was happy and I wish I had some beer. I wish I could stop thinking about how you're not here. I wish that I was happy and it always felt new. I wish that I felt comfortable telling you what I'm going through. I don't want to be happy and I don't give a fuck. Everyday is gonna fucking suck until I die. My arms are covered in cuts that I didn't make myself and my legs are covered in scars from falling off of bikes. The only thing high school got me was learning how to be a stupid, pessimistic fuck who's out of tune with reality. I just want to hang out with my band and hold girls' hands. I don't want anything to be okay.