Life Sucks and Then You Die

by Betterment

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Songs written between summer 2011 and 2012. Recorded in Cameron's living room during the spring break and summer break of 2012.

Photo is of the Saint Augustine marshes off of San Marco. Photo and doodles by Cameron.


released September 18, 2012

Cameron Harrison - Guitar and Vocals
Michael Everette - Drums and Vocals
Kyle Weidner - Bass and Vocals



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Betterment Sarasota, Florida

betterment was a three piece emo band from 2010-2015. they were from sarasota, florida.

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Track Name: Makeout Point
It was my last night before I left for Sarasota and I was too drunk to hear your name. You told me that you liked my sweater and I told you I had better but Its all the same to me. Truth is that I've been eyeing you from across the yard and this would be so fucking hard without this liquid confidence. So touch my face and speak while I don't listen. I'm too busy thinking about your face and how much we should be kissing. So maybe I'm just too drunk to see what it is you like about me. Maybe I just don't want to wake up without you in my arms.
Track Name: My Car
When eyes collide, I'm lost in your stare. I don't care. Long car rides are nothing when you're not riding shotgun next to me. When my cars not filled with the sand from our feet I won't know what to do. When there's no one for me to sing my songs to, I don't know what I'll do.
Track Name: Wined, Dined, and 69'd
I don't give a fuck that you live hours away from me and the only way I'm getting there is on this next plane. Of course the one girl who leaves me with those fuck me eyes is now left so far behind. I really wanna fucking die in Michigan. I don't give a fuck how, I need to live in the now and not think about my past or which one was my last.
Track Name: You Don't Know the First Thing About High Stakes Investing
I want to spend my time with you out of my life. I don't want to talk to you and I don't want to be with you. I wanna be home without being sad. I wanna be glad and stoked on life and meet some new girl to my life.I want to be glad and stoked on life and be glad that I'm still alive.
Track Name: Seven Seasons of Summer
Well maybe I won't mind these long car rides alone as long as I'm not going home where I can't be missing you or kissing you anymore. When I'm at home, everything reminds me of you and all the times that we had. I don't know why I can't sleep at night. Maybe it's just this light. Or maybe I just know how much it's gonna hurt when you go away. I wish that we could stay.