Colt 45 I Want To Die

by Betterment

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Recorded in between April and May of 2012 in Cameron's living room. Written between January and May of 2012.

Actual album art coming soon, just needed something to throw this on the front page.


released June 3, 2012

Cameron Harrison - Guitar and Vocals
Kyle Weidner - Bass
Michael Everett - Drums



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Betterment Sarasota, Florida

betterment was a three piece emo band from 2010-2015. they were from sarasota, florida.

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Track Name: Boy Meets World
How's it fucking feel to know your girl's fucking some other guy and you're stuck at the same old party wishing you weren't at this fucking party hoping for something to end this hell that is this eight month dry spell. I don't know why I can't be this other guy because it's just too much to ask to meet some girl at this bar who doesn't have a boyfriend, is fucking cool as hell, doesn't smell bad, and wouldn't mind giving me her number.
Track Name: Dawson's Creek
Can I take my shoes off for the ride home? Can I play my songs on the radio? Five hours on my feet feels longer than five hours in this seat. We're not sleeping in my car, we're sleeping in your bed. I've got blisters on my feet and wholes in my shoes. I've been through it all, I've got nothing to lose. It's getting warm and I need back my sweater to hang in my closet for a change in the weather. I don't need it anyways. I'd rather be cold for days. I don't want to fall back down just to get back up again. I want the ones I can't have. All of the good ones have been had. I'm not even sad or even that mad cause at least I know there's someone else out there. So maybe keep my sweater and I'll go get my drinks. I'm glad with you're with some guy whose fucking not me cause I can do better.
Track Name: Family Matters
Can you stay with me tonight cause I don't want to be alone. Cause when I'm all alone I feel like I'm back at home. I don't even care what we do just as long as I'm with you. I believe that there's a night for everything. That there's a night for you and me. We had our night and when you catch my sight we both just look the other way.